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Winter warmers

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Learn about nourishing and warming food for winter.. Read More

Dim Sum and other easy treats

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Get stuck in together to make some tasty asian treats to eat, such as gyoza and sushi... Read More

Cook and be healthy

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Cooking from scratch is the healthier choice. Learn how you can fit this into a busy lifestyle... Read More

Asian street food

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Street food from the Far East is delectable and you can easily make it at home, good for quick meals or finger food snacks... Read More

Children taking part in the Family Cooking class

Family Cooking

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Preparing a meal together makes light of a routine task, and it is a great way for all the generations to be together and learn cooking skills. The bonus a.. Read More

Small plates

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Great for entertaining informally, small sharing plates can be made in advance freeing you from the kitchen when your guests arrive... Read More

Cakes and pastries

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Make beautiful light cakes at home to rival the best bakers. .. Read More

One dish suppers

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Easy one pot supper dishes can be prepared quicker than you think. Be tempted to get back into the kitchen with this evening class... Read More

Supper for everyone

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Relax and unwind cooking quick supper dishes you will enjoy eating and serving to friends or family. .. Read More

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