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Small plates

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Great for entertaining informally, small sharing plates can be made in advance freeing you from the kitchen when your guests arrive... Read More

Cakes and pastries

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Make beautiful light cakes at home to rival the best bakers. .. Read More

Celebrating Spring

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Celebrate the end of winter and the arrival of fresh spring ingredients.. Read More

One pot meals

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Come away with a new repetoire of quick and easy one pot meals... Read More

Japanese Food at Home

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Have fun discovering how you can make a Japanese meal at home with good local ingredients... Read More

Making Strudel at home

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Strudel, starting with making the pastry yourself is a challenge most would shy away from. But it is enormous fun to do and the results are sublime... Read More

Summer Lunches

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Enjoy preparing a relaxed summer lunch for entertaining, with tips that will free you up from long hours of preparation... Read More

Pressure Cooking, it’s easy.

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In winter the pressure cooker really comes into it's own. Learn the many tips for modern pressure cooking... Read More

Vegetarian Italian style

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Learn quick dishes from the Italian kitchen using winter vegetables and fruit... Read More

Fresh Pasta

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Pasta, it's easy! Learn how to make the dough, roll it and shape it in one lesson.. Read More

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