Family Cooking

Children taking part in the Family Cooking classChildren taking part in the Family Cooking class
Family Cooking
Family Cooking

Children cooking together with a parent have a lot of fun in the kitchen and it is a great way or all
generations to be together and learn cooking skills.

It makes light of a routine task and the bonus often is that fussy eaters can become more enthusiastic
about good food as they have prepared it themselves.

The aim of this class is to encourage good eating by learning how to cook from scratch. Classes will
include basic kitchen safety as well as covering measuring, weighing, mixing, using knives with care
as well as using the hob and oven under supervision.

Topics such as Asian street food, Biscuits scones and muffins, Pasta making are just some of the
topics that can be covered. If you have a particular request let me know.

One adult, either a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle must accompany the child or children.

The duration of the class is 3 hours and includes eating the food here and/or taking it home.

One adult and one child £100
One adult and two children £130
One adult and three children £160

If you would like to have a private class for your family please contact me and we can agree
on a date and a menu. Weekends or holidays are often the most suitable for all.

Victoria O'Neill