Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a Class?

This can be done via the website on the individual class pages. You can also book over the phone on 07876 333997

How do I pay for the class?

This can be done securely on the website or you can send a cheque in the post. A class booking is only confirmed once it has been paid for.

Can I buy a gift voucher?

Yes you can buy a gift voucher for a specific class or for a class to be chosen by the recipient. Full details will be included in the Voucher.

What happens once I have booked a class?

If you have booked on the website you will receive a confirmation from Paypal and a confirmation email from Cooking with Class. A written confirmation will be sent if you have booked by post.

Can I get a refund?

We regret we cannot refund fees for confirmed bookings, but you can transfer to another class if you request it at least 14 days before the original date. If you can’t attend a booked class you’re welcome to send someone else in your place.

What do I bring to a cooking class?

Just yourself and a pen as you may want to write extra notes to augment the printed recipes. For practical classes I will supply the aprons. In this period of the Covid -19 virus you will need to bring a face mask.

What do I wear?

If you are coming to a practical class wear sensible shoes as you’ll be standing up as you work. No need to bring an apron unless you want to wear a favourite one. I will supply the aprons. In these Covid times please also wear a mask .For a demonstration class just wear something you will be comfortable in. Remember it does get warm in the kitchen.

What techniques will I learn in a cooking class?

You’ll learn how to use a knife successfully, cutting, slicing and filleting or boning could be part of the lesson. Also how to tell if meat and fish are cooked.

Knowing about what fruit and vegetables are in season and how to make the most of them plus various cooking and preparation techniques.

Baking classes will cover skills such as using a piping bag, whipping egg whites and cream, making pastry, understanding a baking oven and how to test whether cakes and bread are cooked.

How to get to the class

Full details are on the Contact page