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Artichokes and how to cook them

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Baby artichokes are in the shops, one of the reasons that I know this is they are coming into the wharehouse at The Felix Project where I volunteer. Here unsold.. Read More

Rhubarb, because it is spring .

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It has been a long and cold winter and I think most of us are fed up and wanting Spring to hurry along and cheer us up.  I’ve been waiting.. Read More

Chocolate for Easter

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I can’t believe I have gone from one religious festival to the next without a post but  now that the gloom of winter is finally receeding my thoughts are more.. Read More

Christmas biscuits

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I love the Christmas lights decorating our mainstreets, and I think London has out done itself this year . They cheer up a dark afternoon and put me in the.. Read More

Mushroom soup for cold days

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The best cookbooks are the ones where you have found a recipe which you have fallen in love with and return to it often. And more importantly you never forget.. Read More

Garden produce ends as it had begun

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The end of summer produce in the veg patch is quite like the beginning. I remember being very excited to pick the first tiny courgettes and their flowers in June.. Read More

London Railway Arches are harbouring many a good food producer

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A few years ago I had the priveledge of visiting Neal’s Yard Dairy, cheese headquarters under some railway arches near Bermondsey. Two large airconditioned arches  store the cheeses they wholesale.. Read More

Swedish Bakeries in London

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The best Swedish bakeries in London seem to be tucked away, under railway arches or hiding down Georgian laneways. You have to know they are there. They are also in.. Read More

Cime di rapa

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Turnip tops are something Italians cook with. We hardly ever see them  in the shops but if  you grow turnips yourself  you could try the recipe below. They don’t look.. Read More

Strawberry Season

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June is a time when strawberries are filling the shops, overflowing punnets and in my case ripening almost too quickly in the garden. My little friends ( the under 10.. Read More

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