Continuing cooking classes during the pandemic


This year has thrown a spanner in the works for many activities and cooking classes are no exception. A silver lining though during lockdown in the first half of the year was that many of us have done more cooking at home and have been more experimental  than ever before.  One example is the huge explosion (and success) in being able to make a sourdough loaf at home despite all the shortages of ingredients. Also households being continuously under the one roof for three meals a day not only kept us busy in the kitchen it gave ample opportunity for experimentation and inventiveness. I think we have learned a lot about our cooking capabilities. It  has been an absolute highlight for me being able to follow this resurgence in the kitchen and the feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment it has given so many of us in these uncertain times. A very good reason to keep learning and practicing the culinary arts.

With this in mind,  classes will continue at Cooking with Class, but on a more personal level. Classes will be small and bespoke.  They can still be booked via the website, the only difference being the dates will be negotiated with you so you can come to a class when it best suits you, lending more flexibility. Once a class is booked I will email you to discuss a date. Please get in touch via email if you want to discuss this  or have any questions regarding the classes.

Below you will find the Covid-19 Guidelines for future classes in order to make the class environment as friendly and safe as possible.

Classes will be small, they can be for one student, a couple or up to four students in total, who should be people known to you and booked together. There is plenty of space in the kitchen to be spread out in a socially distanced way.

Hand sanitation, accessible hand washing facilities and high standards of hygiene and cleanliness  before, during and after classes are in place. The wearing of masks in class when not eating is now necessary. Disposable gloves are available if you would like to wear them.

If you are not feeling well, or have any virus symptoms before the class date please let me know so that the class can be rearranged for another date. There will be no financial penalty for rearranging the date.

For further information view the Terms and Conditions page on the website.