Old fashioned, but still good

Sponge Drops
in the making

My sister, who lives in New Zealand and I often share phone calls about what we are eating. This would not surprise anyone in my family on either side of the globe. The calls always end up with her sending me the recipe, many from New Zealand’s Edmonds cookbook. First published in 1908 it is a trusted companion in every kitchen there.  The latest little cake I have taken to is so quick and easy, and addictive I may say. They are called Sponge Drops. Imagine a mouthful of Victoria Sandwich, without having to make a whole cake. You can fill them as needed and are a great option for producing cake for a crowd. Just double the recipe. Did I mention they are filled with cream!

There are many plain-ish, but stylish little cakes from around the world filled with whipped  cream. I love them all, Swedish Semla (Lenten bun ), Italian Maritozzi ( a courtship bun) , but New Zealand Sponge drops need far less time to prepare, cook and dare I say eat !

Sponge Drops. Using an electric mixer whip up 2 eggs and 50g caster sugar until thick, pale and creates a trail when you lift the beater away from the mixture. Sieve into this 100g plain flour and 1 tsp of baking powder ( the ingredient that made Edmond’s fortune). Fold carefully together. Onto a baking tray lined with baking paper, dollop out small mounds. I use a small ice-cream scoop. Bake at 190C for 7 minutes. They should be pale gold and just firm. Leave to cool. To serve spread half with a smear of raspberry jam and the other half with whipped cream. Sandwich together and serve.