A Pocket Feast Paris


Frances Leech, my clever daughter ( no bias here!) who is a pastry chef in Paris, (probably no surprise here either for Cooking with Class followers) has with her friend and collaborator, Florence Beck written a lovely little foodie’s guide to Paris. A hand made and illustrated book just the right size for your pocket has been transformed into a printed guide and published by Cooking with Class.

It is the essential guide to the insider’s view of Paris. Every eating adventure is countered with a cultural outing, to assuage any guilt you might feel at fitting in yet another pastry shop, bar or resto into your Paris visit. Nothing recommended will break the bank either and you will certainly gain a different view to this most visited city. I’ve been lucky enough to have tried some of the places in the book.Try one of my favourites, the tea rooms at the mosque and then walk through the botanic gardens before strolling back along the Seine soaking up the boat life along it’s banks.

You can buy A Pocket Feast Paris and celebrate Bastille Day at www.apocketfeast.com where you will also see posts on other cities, to help with your next gastronomic voyage. Don’t forget to follow Frances’ blog too at tangerinedrawings.com

The book is now also available to buy on this site for £7.50