Bread making, Paris style

View out of window onto city streets, fresh bread in the foreground

This week I am running a bread making class, where the students will be learning all sorts of bread making skills, getting their hands in the mix, learning about kneading, shaping, proving and baking. We’ll be making filled loaves and croissants as well as perfecting the daily loaf.  Making your own bread is very satisfying and with every batch you can only get better. Like all skills it is about practice.

When I was visiting my daughter in Paris we visited the bakery where she used to work. Gontran Cherrier is a very innovative baker, especially by Parisian standards, he’s not afraid of being different. His loaves are filled with seeds and less usual flour mixes and you can have the most amazing bread rolls filled with lovely fillings for lunch when  you are there. They resemble baps but are called bun sandwichs. Clearly he has been inspired by the British! Behind the glass cabinet they form  a kaleidoscope of bright colours,  black ones, made by adding squid ink are filled with smoked swordfish, bright yellow ones,  pistachio green ones and red paprika ones, all have unique fillings. Very inspiring for any would be baker, and amazingly delicious too.