Success with Sourdough Bread


(includes an exploration, whilst the dough proves, of the diverse food shops local to Acton)

Winter is the perfect time to make bread and delicious sourdough can be made at home.  Learn how to make a starter and levain and achieve success in a sourdough loaf to rival any artisanal bakery. You will learn about what makes a sourdough loaf, a different way of kneading and baking for best results. Also some recipes for using sourdough bread.

Whilst the bread is in its final rising stage before baking you will have time to explore (with a map) the local shops, including my Afghan green grocer, the Polish deli and even time for a coffee at the excellent Serbian café. Not only will you be taking your fantastic loaf home you can stock up on exotic ingredients in Acton too.

After purchase Victoria will email you to discuss a suitable date. Price: £150