Cooking in Sydney


I started teaching cooking in Australia, rather nervously in a little country town. I was young and fearless, that’s why one launches into things in such a rather inexperienced way. It was not however until I moved back to Sydney that I really started teaching in earnest, this time with a little more experience under my belt. Encouraged by a friend who typed my recipes up at work on her IBM typewriter and having a fabulously suitable kitchen in inner city Newtown I ran classes up to four times a week. Oh for such energy now !

This time on a recent trip to Sydney I was again encouraged by another special friend, Robyn, to give a cooking class for old times sake and for past alumni. We managed to find 20 plus students still willing to come to one of my classes again and with a beautiful kitchen lent to me by Anna I embarked on the class, assisted admirably by Sarah.  To top it all off, lots of my  cookbooks  were snapped up and on their way to Australian kitchens. Finishing with Prosecco it was a lovely way to spend a summer’s evening. None of this would have happened with out the diligent efforts of Robyn, Sarah and Anna  their encouragement and their invaluable help. So thank you for such a great evening and blast from the past.