Fish markets


There is something very attractive about fish markets for the cook. When I see the variety of gleaming  fish on offer, I immediately want to head for the kitchen and get cooking. Even when some of the displays are rather quirky, like these fish I saw in Venice  I am not put off. The main attraction of course is seeing how fresh the fish is and in Venice the freshness and the variety of fish and shellfish is mind boggling.

We are lucky in Hereford to have a good fish shop, in the Butter Market, with an enthusiastic fishmonger, plus several supermarkets with fish counters. It’s important to support them, if we still want to have access to fresh fish. Fish classes are always popular, as there is much to learn about choosing and preparing fish and shellfish. Once armed with this knowledge, fish for supper becomes a most deliciuos quick and easy option. With a little seafood confidence, you too wont  be able to pass by a fish market without wanting to cook up something different.