Learn to cook like a Gascon in France – a short cooking holiday

Learn to cook like a Gascon in France – a short cooking holiday

Following the success of several Italian cooking weeks, Cooking with Class is now proposing a short residential course in mid September 2015 at Aubiet in the Gers, South West France.

An area that I have known for many years the 4 day/5 night course at our Gascony farmhouse will be limited to 6 students. Including six practical classes there will also be visits to producers, a wonderful market, and two top restaurants. Enough I hope to make you fall in love with not only the cooking of the Gers, but the people and countryside too. September is a lovely time of year, never too hot but warm enough to still feel like summer.

Now you may well be wondering exactly where is the Gers. Sandwiched between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean and just a little north of the Pyrenees, the house is situated between Toulouse and Auch. The area is renowned for its sunshine and rolling fields of golden wheat and sunflowers . Its contribution to French cuisine is quite impressive. It is the home of the famous magret de canard and foie gras. Also famous for growing garlic and prunes, the Gers is a veritable cornucopia of delicious vegetables and fruit. Enough to excite any cook. The production of Armagnac, Floc as well as local wines makes this area quite special.

The emphasis of the cooking course is very much a friendly and informal one teaching the essence of the kitchen of the south west of France and the enjoyment of good food and wine.Techniques to be included will cover the demystifying of foie gras and magret, mastering french pastries and breads and making the most of sun drenched fruit and vegetables. All this and you will have time to relax too.

So if you are interested in more information please send me an email.