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Builders make good cooks

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It wasn’t long ago that it all became very clear to me why builders make excellent cooks.  They are, after all, very precise in their work lives, they can’t afford.. Read More

Cooking in Sydney

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I started teaching cooking in Australia, rather nervously in a little country town. I was young and fearless, that’s why one launches into things in such a rather inexperienced way... Read More

Too many cookbooks

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Can one have too many cookbooks? Perhaps. But who am I to talk, I have far too many and I have added my own to the world’s  supply. This week.. Read More

Fish markets

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There is something very attractive about fish markets for the cook. When I see the variety of gleaming  fish on offer, I immediately want to head for the kitchen and.. Read More

Winter fruit ( orange and avocado salad)

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At this time of year we cooks are very aware of the arrival of Seville oranges and the ensuing marmalade making sessions in the kitchen.  It may be time consuming,.. Read More