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Continuing cooking classes during the pandemic

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This year has thrown a spanner in the works for many activities and cooking classes are no exception. A silver lining though during lockdown in the first half of the.. Read More



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It is bliss to have inherited a mature cherry tree on an allotment. It may dry out the soil underneath and frustrate the vegetable grower but the brief window of .. Read More

Eggless hyper-chocolate cupcakes

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This is a recipe I wrote for Easter in 2018. I have re-read the post and it seems sunnily optimistic, somehow a little out of tune with these times of.. Read More

Potato gnocchi

Frugal cooking

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Even without stockpiling madness you will probably find potatoes in most kitchens.  Inspired by a request from a (non Italian) friend in lockdown in Pisa for  a gnocchi recipe I.. Read More

Sweet and Sour aubergine

Sweet and sour aubergine

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Sometimes we have to find ideas for ingredients that really need using up. And this is often the case for me when I volunteer at The Felix Project .  I.. Read More

Old fashioned, but still good

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My sister, who lives in New Zealand and I often share phone calls about what we are eating. This would not surprise anyone in my family on either side of.. Read More

March, the hungry gap in the veg patch.

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March for gardeners is a month of frustration. The weather although temptingly sunny, is often very cold and aggravated by chilly winds. And of course the ground is too cold.. Read More

Modern French pastries are upside down

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If you visit the newest patissseries in Paris you will notice that all their confectionery is immaculately presented and there is a very modern presentation as well as a flavour.. Read More

Discovering new bread recipes

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During the summer holidays I had plenty of time to indulge in new cook books and try some new ideas as well as variations on my favourite things. One of those.. Read More

Figs, the end of summer

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I always feel that figs from our trees are enjoyed with a tinge of sadness. You wait for months for them to ripen, revel in their sweetness and warmth when.. Read More