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Elderflowers are early I think.

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In culinary terms it strikes me that white is the colour of Spring. White strawberry flowers promising fruit, fragrant elderflowers already in bloom early this May and rocket flowering madly.. Read More

Chinese pancake- Jianbing

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Around Pancake Day it was suggested to me that I make Jainbing, a pancake made and served on the streets of Beijing and Shanghai. A large galette style pancake it.. Read More

Pressure cooking in minutes

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Cooking under pressure,  nothing could be further from the truth when you use a modern pressure cooker. It is a quick means of producing a delicious meal which could help.. Read More

Dark Afternoons

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When  I am confronted with dark afternoons and evenings coming earlier than I want them to, I get strong feelings of ennui. I can think back many years and recall.. Read More

Christmas cheer

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The delightful aroma of spices filling the kitchen, be it a Christmas cake cooking or spicy biscuits  tells us all that Christmas is on its way. The smell of chocolate.. Read More

Knowing what is in season

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We were sitting around the table exchanging funny stories, some slightly humiliating ones;  a shopkeeper having loudly denounced our ignorance to the whole shop, when asked for something clearly to.. Read More

Autumn gold

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It is wonderful to wake up to a sunny morning, even if it is getting colder by the day. The bright sunshine illuminates the  yellow and gold of the autumn.. Read More

Being Green

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A lot of of us are eschewing daily meals that revolve around meat and where once vegetables played a minor role. I could never be a complete vegetarian but at.. Read More

Allotment produce

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It’s fun having an allotment. Mine is a small parcel on an old 25 acre site in West London. It is a beautiful space filled with vegetable patches, old fruit.. Read More

Japanese Bakery in London

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Why are the Japanese such perfectionists when it comes to making French pastries ? Both my children learned Japanese at school  and one went on to SOAS to do his.. Read More